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and Cancer Research

SKCCR Homoeo Clinic provides cancer patients with homeopathic medicine to help them live longer, more fulfilling lives. Our approach is holistic and focuses on treating symptoms to promote complete wellness and health. As one of the top homeopathic cancer doctors in Kochi, Kerala, we are committed to helping our patients regain their health and freedom.

over 1,50,000 happy patients
Experienced for diagnosis and treatment
Advanced technology
40+ years of unmatched legacy

In this center he has treated thousands of cancer patients of various types.eg:toungue cancer,oesophagus cancer,lung cancer,brain tumor,liver cancer,prostrate cancer,stomach cancer,kidney cancer,skin cancer,lymphomas,uterine cancer,breast cancer,bladder cancer,colo-rectal cancer,blood cancer, laryngial cancer,pyriform fossa cancer with great sucess.Dr.s krishna kumar chief physician of this centre have got award from honourable chief minister of kerala Mr.Oommen chandy for his marvelous achivements in the field of cancer research and treatment in homeopathy.He got "gandhian puraskaram"-award from hon-minister of kerala for culture Mr.K C joseph and international malayali achivement award for cancer reserch and treatment from australia. FOKANA AWARD from AMERICA

Our medicines are very effective even though the patients have undergone chemotherapy and radiation therapy but the success rate is more if the patients are not taken allopathic treatments for cancer .we can claim 80% success rate if they come for treatment in the first or second stage, in terminal stages 50%-60% success can be claimed from our experience

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At SKCCR Homoeo Clinic, we help cancer patients live longer, free and fuller lives with homeopathy medicine for cancer. We treat patients symptomatically and believe in adopting a holistic approach to our treatment, which helps patients regain complete wellness and health. We are one of the leading homeopathic cancer doctors in Kochi, Kerala.

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Dr. S. Krishna kumar DHMS, DNT, MIN, PG (HOM) London Chairman SKCCR
Dr. Eadhu Krishna K BHMS
Managing Director SKCCR